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Why Quitting Smoking Is So Hard?


Leaving something behind, especially a habit that makes you relaxed is a very hard task that not so many can accomplish on their own. When it comes to smoking, the biggest problem is not to smoke “just one cigarette” after you made a break of three days of not smoking. Nicotine is among the “easiest addictions” where a severe physical pain in the midst of the withdrawal process does not exist. You could experience anxiety, restlessness, insomnia or depression but not any physical pain. So why it is so hard to stop smoking in the end? Two things can explain why the process is complex and difficult: forced decisions, and eliminating the desire for smoking.

Forced withdrawal makes things even worse

Often when you are forced to do something, you are not so happy about it. The catch is not to force yourself to quit smoking, but rather to remove your desire for smoking. Don’t be fooled that you need to use stop-smoking-aids, like patches and e-cigarettes – these will just make things even worse. Some people find these efficient but for the majority of people is crucial to fight their mind and convince themselves that they can relax or socialize in other ways.

Fear of losing benefits

It is logical – you want to stop smoking while you still desire a cigarette. The majority of smokers believe they enjoy smoking, but at the same time, they would like to quit smoking. Why do smokers believe they enjoy smoking? Because they hold a belief that they get rid of their stress after they smoke a cigarette, or they regulate their weight by smoking. So if you look at it from this side, it follows that they cannot quit smoking because they have a fear they will lose all the benefits that smoking gives them.

Eliminating your desire for smoking

Eliminating your desire for smokingEliminating your desire for smoking is not an easy task at all. The best way is to “explain” to yourself that you have more damage than good from smoking. In other words, the key is to kill the wish for cigarettes. You need to stop desiring smoke even before you start your withdrawal process. Why? Simply because it is stress-free, much more comfortable than the other methods of quitting and permanent solution to your problem. When you get to that level where you don’t enjoy cigarettes anymore, you will not think about the situations or places when/where you can’t smoke. I can’t go there because it is not allowed to smoke is a famous sentence that every smoker uttered at least once. When you eliminate that, it means less stress for you.

You will not experience any withdrawal symptoms like irritation, weight gain or loss of concentration since you eliminated the desire for a cigarette from your mind and there is nothing to trigger the symptoms. When you manage to stop craving a cigarette, there is no way you will ever feel deprived without cigarettes, since there is nothing to resist.